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Power-Limited Tray Cables - Type PLTC (300 Volts)

Power-Limited Tray Cables - Type PLTC (300 Volts)

PLTC Sample Shown: 49974

Power-Limited Tray Cables (PLTC) are available from Allied Wire and Cable in several configurations including the Alpha 45125, Unshielded, Multi-Conductor, Multi-Paired, or a shielded tray cable variation with Individually Shielded Pairs.

Our Power Limited Tray Cables (PLTC) are incredibly useful wiring solutions, as they are most commonly used in power-limited circuits alongside applications in the mass transit system. These uses include, but are not limited to, burglar alarm systems, computer interconnects, business machines, intercom systems, cash registers, and many more everyday devices. All of the PLTC cables that Allied Wire & Cable offers have copper conductors and are NEC compliant, all at 300 volts.

However, the shielding that we offer has many different facets and are all unique. Shielding is available for all different types of needs, regarding sunlight resistance, shielded pairs, hazardous locations, and many more. PVC jackets and insulation are available for the entire cable as well as multiple wires inside of the cable. All of these wires and cabling solutions are delivered with convenient markings to ensure proper tray cable installations. Listed below are links to the different types of shielding. Click on them to learn more and find further specifications.

Each of these Power-Limited Tray Cables is also RoHS compliant and comes conveniently marked for appropriate tray cable installations. Take a closer look at product specifications for unshielded or shielded tray cable, by clicking on the individual product links below.