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PVC Heat Shrink Tubing

PVC Heat Shrink Tubing is an inexpensive, low shrink temperature tubing. Allied Wire & Cable offers a collection of PVC Shrink Tubing that work well in a variety of circumstances. The PVC tubing can quickly shrink to half its size and conforms around bends to form a tight fitting, flexible insulation. Layflat PVC Shrink Tubing is also a low cost material that can be used in several applications. Finally, ST 105 Flexible Irradiated PVC Shrink Tubing also has a low shrink temperature and may be used with heat sensitive materials.

Allied Wire's selection of tubing works great in a ton of applications. Our semi-rigid, ultra thin wall Layflat PVC may be used for insulation and jacketing of batteries and capacitors and for applications in the production of industrial equipment, electronics, medical and consumer products. Heat Shrink PVC is a great electrical insulator, while resisting most chemicals and oils. ST 105 Flexible Irradiated PVC Tubing may be used for wire harness and cable assemblies and for flame retardant and fast recovery time requirements.

Allied Wire's collection of shrinkable tubing is constructed to meet many industry standards. Some of our shrinkable tubing is UL or CSA rated or meets other standards. PVC Shrink Tubing is listed as UL 224, is CSA rated, and meets military specification MIL-I-23053/2. Layflat PVC is UL listed. ST 105 Irradiated PVC is listed as UL 224, CSA 198, and MIL-I-23053/2C.

All of Allied Wire's electrical wire and tubing are engineered to strict requirements. Shrinkable tubing is manufactured to consistently perform well in even the toughest conditions. Be sure to check all specifications and heat shrink ratios on our PVC tubing to ensure a product that will work best for your application needs. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact an Allied Wire sales representative.