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Tyco Raychem Spec 55


SPEC 55 features a single or dual wall construction while being lightweight and smaller in size. This high-performance cable offers exceptional chemical/solvent resistance, not susceptible to moisture or UV degradation and provides excellent electrical arc track resistance in both wet and dry conditions. Raychem Spec 55 is rated from -65°C to 200°C.

SPEC 55 wire directly crosses with Allied’s MIL-W-M22759. Allied’s MIL-W-M22759.

Part Number Breakdown: 55 A XXXX - AWG - XX/XX/XX - X
Example: Example: 55A1131-22-9/96/93-9

55 A - Spec 55

Ex: 1 is for Construction
0= primary wire, unshielded, unjacketed cable; 1= round-braid shielded, jacketed cable; 2= flat-braid shielded, jacketed cable; 3 = round-braid shielded, unjacketed cable; 4= unshielded, jacketed cable; 5= spirally shielded. Jacketed cable; 6 through 9 = special constructions

Ex: 1 is for Class of Wire
1= 600-V lightweight wire; 2= 600-V dual-wall hookup wire; 7= 600-V extra rugged airframe wire; 8= 600-V dual-wall airframe wire

Ex: 3 is for Number of Conductors
1 through 9

1 - Number of Conductors
1 through 9

Ex 1 is for Conductor Type
1= tin-coated copper; 2= silver-coated copper; 3=nickel-coated copper; 4=silver-coated high-strength copper alloy (HSCA); 6= nickel-coated HSCA.

Ex: 22 is for AWG (Wire Size)
American Wire Gauge

Ex: 9/96/93 is for Component Color Code - (Required for cable constructions only)
Replace XX by number(s) indicating base color followed by stripe(s) as required. Slashes are used to separate individual component wire colors. Example above: 9/96/93 = Components are coded white, white with a blue stripe, and white with an orange stripe, with an overall white, crosslinked ETFE jacket.

Ex: 9 is for Base color of primary wire or cable jacket
Replace X by number indicating base color for primary wire or cable jacket (0 = Black, 1 = Brown, 2 = Red, 3 = Orange, 4 = Yellow, 5 = Green, 6 = Blue, 7 = Violet, 8 = Grey and 9 = White) Additional number(s) after base color indicates stripe(s) color(s); for example: 95= white wire with a green stripe; 952= white wire with a green stripe followed by a red stripe (see example below)