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XLPE/PVC Control and Power Cable

XLPE/PVC Cable from Allied Wire & Cable is part of our line of Multi-Conductor Control and Power Cable. XLPE cable is a cross-linked or vulcanized cable. This cross-linking process creates a material that becomes more heat resistant, does not soften at high temperatures and is resistant to stress cracking and aging. Compared to PVC insulation, XLPE insulated cable has a better overload capacity and is ideal for the transmission of power due to its corrosion and moisture resistance properties.

There are three types of XLPE insulated Cable: Unshielded Control, Shielded Power and Unshielded Power Cable. All of our XLPE/PVC Cables have flame resistant crosslinked polyethylene insulation and a flame resistant and sunlight resistant Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) jacket.

XLPE/PVC Control Cable is unshielded and has excellent sunlight and weather resistance, as well as good abrasion and chemical resistance. XLPE/PVC Power Cable, a low-voltage cable, is available shielded or unshielded and also has good abrasion and chemical resistance. Both XLPE/PVC Control Cable and XLPE/PVC Power Cable meet the crush and impact requirements of Type MC cable. Furthermore, all three types of XLPE/PVC Cable are rated for use at 90°C, in wet or dry environments.