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Neoprene Heat Shrink Tubing (M23053/1)

Neoprene Heat Shrink Tubing is part of Allied Wire & Cable’s line of Heat Shrink Tubing. Like all other heat-shrink, M23053/1 is manufactured in its expanded state to allow the tubing to slide over the components that need covering. It will shrink down to its final diameter once heat is applied.

Mil-spec compliant, M23053/1 neoprene heat shrink is perfect for use in tough environments that require tubing that can handle the elements. M23053/1 is available as class 1 or class 2, as designated by the specification.

Mil-spec M23053/1 Heat Shrink Tubing has several resistance qualities that make it ideal for a variety of environments. Because M23053/1 is flame retardant, thermally stable and self extinguishing within 15 seconds, it is extremely safe for use in high temperature applications. It can be used to protect various Aerospace Cables as it is also aviation fuel, solvent, and hydraulic fluid resistant.

Flexible even at its lowest temperatures, M23053/1 tubing is also great for cable harness applications. Both M23053/1 Class 1 Neoprene Heat Shrink Tubing and M23053/1 Class 2 Neoprene Heat Shrink Tubing are also available as Chlorinated Polyolefin Heat Shrink instead of Neoprene.

To submit a RFQ for any type of M23053/1 heat shrink tubing, simply click on the part number on the following specification pages, enter the quantity you need and click “Add to RFQ.” When submitting a quote for a specific material, like Chlorinated Polyolefin, please specify the material in the comments field.