Alpha's FIT Heat Shrink Tubing is part of Allied Wire and Cable's extensive line of Alpha Wire products. FIT Tubing is the ideal solution for all of your electrical and electronic wiring challenges.

With Heat Shrink Tubing, you can protect cables from moisture, UV light, corrosion, oxidation, dust, chemicals, and abrasion. FIT Tubing allows you to protect wire terminations, wire connections, and entire printed circuit boards from electrical and environmental conditions. Alpha Shrink Tubing can also relieve strain on cables and connectors by preventing damage from flexing or bending. Alpha Shrink Tubing can also repair cable splices, insulation damage and cuts, cable jackets, and connections permanently or temporarily.

FIT Tubing products are manufactured from premium compounds under strict industry requirements. FIT Heat Shrink Tubing provides low longitudinal shrinkage and a wide temperature range. They can come color-coded, grouped, or labeled for easy circuit identification. FIT Heat Shrink Tubing is highly flexible, making it perfect for odd shapes and small spaces. Alpha Wire offers FIT Tubing in a multitude of tubing types, each designed to meet your specific needs. Alpha Shrink Tubing is available in a variety of materials, including polyolefin tubing which is suitable for general-purpose needs. Alpha offers FIT Heat Shrink Tubing in a number of shrink ratios and heat shrink temperatures to ensure you find the best fit for your cable.