Allied Wire and Cable's extensive catalog of Alpha Wire features Xtra-Guard Performance Cable. Allied Wire offers Xtra-Guard 1, Xtra-Guard 2, Xtra-Guard 3, Xtra-Guard 4, Xtra-Guard 5, and Xtra-Guard Flex Cable.

Alpha's products are designed with high-quality materials are available in a wide range of AWG sizes and material constructions. Alpha's Xtra-Guard Performance Cables are suitable for use in a large variety of applications. Alpha is dedicated to providing safe, durable products. Alpha has designed the Xtra-Guard Cable line for challenging environments and with constructions that meet commonly needed flammability ratings and safety requirements, such as UL VW-1 and CSA FT-1. These cables offer multiple popular shielding options, like Supra-Shield foil/braid shield, making them ideal for your next application.