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Part Number: THHN 12 19


Our THHN wire #12 is part of our Hook Up Wire / Lead Wire assemblage. The THHN wire #12 is made from a soft drawn bare copper conductor, PVC insulation, and nylon jacket. The conductor stranding is 19/25 with a 0.128 nominal outer diameter. Weighing approximately 24 lbs/MFT, these cables have a voltage rating of 600 volts and an ampacity of 20 at 90°C.#12 THHN wire is intended for use as general purpose wiring for installation in conduit or other recognized raceway and appropriate for new construction as defined by the National Electrical Code (NEC). The THHN #12 may also be used for machine tool, appliance, and control circuit wiring.THHN wire #12 is gasoline and oil resistant to 75°C and is rated to 90°C in dry locations and 75°C in wet locations. Applications requiring Type MTW conductor is appropriate for use in dry locations at 90°C, or not to exceed 60°C in wet locations or where exposed to oils or coolants. Applications requiring Type AWM conductor is appropriate for use at temperatures not exceeding 105°C in dry locations.

THHN-12-19 Building Wire Specifications: (subject to change without notice)
AWG Size 12
Conductor Stranding 19/25
No. of Strands 19
Strand Size 25
No. of Cond. 1
Nom. O.D. (in) 0.1280
Nom. Insul. Thick. (in) 0.015
Jacket Thick 0.004
Approx LBS/MFT 24.00
Cond. Material Bare Copper
Insul. Material Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
Jacket Material Nylon
UL Style MTW/1063/83/758
Max. Temp 90°C
Ampacity @ 90°C 20
Voltage 600
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