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AWC's Operation Gratitude Recap

Thursday, May 28, 2020

As a family business, we believe that family is the greatest gift of all. Every day, medical staff and first responders are putting their lives at risk to save and protect everyone around them, some working 20-hour shifts. It was not possible to give them masks or protective gear at this time, but the Allied family wanted to bring smiles and show our immense gratitude in any way possible. That is why Allied Wire & Cable started a GoFundMe in which all of our employees joined with loyal customers and friends to show gratitude and support. To be able to have a greater impact on those most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, ownership agreed to match all donations made.

With the funds raised, local healthcare organizations have benefitted by providing food, support items, and other necessities needed throughout these trying times. We partnered with Collegeville Italian Bakery, another local small business to provide hoagies to the healthcare workers at many facilities close to our community. Through Operation Gratitude, we have donated over 1000 hoagies, which when stacked end to end is taller than the Eiffel Tower. Donations have been made to hospitals and nursing homes in the region including Pottstown Hospital, Einstein Hospital, Paoli Hospital, Suburban Hospital, Phoenixville Hospital, Bryn Mawr Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia - King of Prussia, Wayne Nursing Home, and Manor Care - King of Prussia. We are proud to stand with the frontline hospital staff and are thankful and appreciative of all they have done to protect and provide care for our community, keeping everyone healthy and safe.

“That is what Operation Gratitude is all about; showing our local health care workers how much we appreciate them and the daily sacrifices they make for our health and safety.” - Tim Flynn



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