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Tubing & Harnessing Products

Tubing & Harnessing Products

Tubing & Harnessing Products

Heat shrink tubing, spiral wrap and sleeving products provide an easy, economical way to insulate, organize, protect and identify your wire and cable components. When heated, heat shrink tubing forms a tight mechanical bond over wire and cable, even shielding irregularly shaped materials. If you are searching for an alternative to customary methods of insulation, heat shrink tubing, sleeving or spiral wrap are good options to consider. Heat shrink tubing presents an unmatchable solution for the protection of electric wires and cables from abrasion, corrosion and harmful elements, such as water and oil.

Not sure which tubing product fits your needs? We answer your questions about Heat Shrink Tubing and our other tubing products here.

When looking to purchase any of our shrink tubing products, performance specifications to keep in mind include shrink ratio, maximum diameter and temperature range. A shrinkage ratio, a unique characteristic to heat shrink tubing products, refers to the ratio between the tubing’s expanded diameter and recovered diameter. It is common for heat shrink tubing’s part number to identify the shrink ratio. For example, ST 321 has a “3 to 1” shrink ratio.

Shrinkable Tubing is used to replace insulation, for strain relief, bundling, and for color tubing. Shrink tubing is easy to use. Installation is fast and painless and the final result looks great. The tubing presents a pleasing appearance when used alone or on equipment. As another benefit, heat shrink tubing will not come off your wire or cable with age.

Although Allied Wire stocks and distributes various shrink tubing types, popular styles include ST 221, ST 321, ST 421, and ST 105. ST 221 Extra Flexible Irradiated Polyolefin, ST 321 Extra Flexible Irradiated Polyolefin, ST 421 Extra Flexible Irradiated Polyolefin, and ST 105 Flexible Irradiated PVC (along with several other styles of tubing) are available in many sizes, lengths and wall thicknesses. Shrink temperature ranges from product to product.

Allied Wire's selection of sleeving includes Fiberglass Sleeving and Expandable Polyester Sleeving. Sleeving may be choosen by a consumer over shrinkable tubing because in some instances it costs less. The sleeving doesn't shrink, but wire fits inside of it nicely. Sleevings can be coated with a variety of materials to meet your specific thermal and dielectric requirements.

Our collection of Spiral Wrap Tubingincludes Polyethylene Spiral Wrap, FRP Spiral Wrap Tubing, and URVP Spiral Wrap Tubing. We also stock P105 PVC Plastic Tubing for general purpose, automotive, medical, marine and medical applications.

All tubing, sleeving and spiral wrap can be used for mountains of applications in a ton of industries, such as aerospace, medical, chemical, and others. Our tubing conforms to many commercial and military specifications and is available in custom put ups. Our spiral wrap, conduit tubing and plastic tubing are practical, accessible products with excellent operating temperatures and shrinkage ratios. AWC even stocks PVC, PTFE and numerous other compounds. Moreover, for every tubing product you may choose from a range of sizes and colors.