Category Cables—Cat5e and Cat6 Cable, Cat3 and Cat5 Cable

Category Cables are part of Allied’s selection of computer cable. Cat 5 Cable, Cat5e and Cat6 Cables, and Cat3 Cables are available in a variety of constructions to meet all your data and computer cable needs.

Cat5 Wiring and Cabling

Our selection of Cat5 Cabling and Wiring provides superior data transmission. Cat5 Wiring is an unshielded twisted pair data cable with outstanding performance characteristics for use in data cable applications.

Our Cat5 wiring is NEMA rated as "low-loss extended frequency cable." Our Cat 5 cable is tested to 100 MHz. Cat5 cable is applicable to most LAN topologies and is suitable for 4 and 16 Mbps UTP token ring systems. This Cat5 wiring and Cat5 Cable complies with (TIA/EIA-568-A) Commercial Building Telecommunications Wiring Standard for Horizontal UTP cable, the EIA/TIA 568 Commercial building wiring standard, and more. With these standards, you can be confident that Allied's Cat5 wire is the high-quality wiring you want for your Cat5 cabling application.

Cat5 wire is available in a number of constructions. All our Cat5 cabling features a 24 AWG solid bare annealed copper conductor, twisted pairs, and a nylon ripcord. Insulation varies and is available in polyolefin, polyethylene, or FEP. Jackets on our Cat5 cabling are PVC or plenum-rated PVC.

Cat5e Cable

Allied carries several types of Cat5e Cable, including Riser-Rated Cat5e Cable, Cat 5e Plenum Cable, and Cat 5e Patch Cable.Cat5e patch cables can be used to connect all types of network devices, including jacks, patch panels, ports, and computers. Cat 5e Plenum Cable, also known as Plenum Cat5 Wiring, and Cat5e Cable for riser applications are two types of Cat5e that meet NEC Article 800. Cat 5e plenum cables and riser cat5e cables are approved by the California State Fire Marshall and both cables are rated to 75°C.

Note: Cat5e cable specifications supersede Cat5 cabling specs.

Cat6 Wire and Cat6 Cable

Our Cat6 Cable and Wire are available in plenum and riser versions. Both types of Cat6 wire have maximum temperature ratings of 60°C and may be used in current and next-generation applications using a bandwidth of 25 MHz. Cat6 wire and Cat6 cable are fully backward compatible with Cat 5e cable and Cat5e cable connectors.

Our Cat6 cable and Cat6 wire are constructed with a 23 AWG solid bare copper conductor. Plenum-rated Cat6 wire has fluoropolymer insulation and a UV and oil-resistant low-smoke PVC jacket. Riser-rated Cat6 Cable features polyethylene insulation and specially formulated UV and oil-resistant PVC jacketing. Both types of Cat6 wire and Cat6 cable are ETL verified to meet and exceed TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1.

Cat 3 Cable

Like our Cat5e and Cat6 Cables, our Cat 3 cables provide superior performance as computer cable or communications cable. Cat3 cable is suited for high-speed DATA/LAN transmissions up to 16 Mbps, and for 10 Base-T, 4 Mbps token ring, and voice applications