As a newly authorized Sumitomo distributor, Allied Wire and Cable is proud to offer its customers access to the high-quality solder sleeves that Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. manufactures. An authorized distributor is a stocking distributor designated by Sumitomo Electric as one of the approved outlets for its products. These items include wire and cable protection products.

Sumitomo was founded by Masatomo Sumitomo, a former monk, in the early 1600s. Sumitomo left his teachings in the form of “Founder’s Precepts,” in which he delves into the points of conducting business. The company got its start with copper and, over its history, has flourished as a pioneering innovator, producing scores of products that drive technology in numerous fields.

Specifically, Sumitomo Electric produces products leveraged by the automotive, aerospace, appliance, electronics, environment and energy, industrial materials, information and communications, medical, and transit industries. Sumitomo Electric also produces power cables and electronic wiring products. Some of Sumitomo Electric’s main product lines include SUMITUBE® heat shrink tubing, STS solder devices, and Sumimark® marking systems.

A leading global independent manufacturer and distributor of wire and cable products, Allied Wire and Cable is a business owned and operated by a family that is dedicated to providing its customers with outstanding quality, service, and pricing on Sumitomo Electric, SUMITUBE, and other top-quality products.

Heat shrink tubing, offered by Allied Wire and Cable, is used in a multitude of applications in many industries. This tubing is delivered in a size that is larger than necessary to cover the wire and cable components on which it will be used. Once a precise amount of heat is applied, the tubing shrinks to create a snug fit around these components.

Common uses for Sumitomo general-purpose heat shrink products include strain relief, wire bundling, electrical insulation, mechanical protection, environmental protection, and component identification. Shrinkable tubing is also a helpful tool to use for temporary or permanent repairs as well as for preventative maintenance. Heat shrink is easy to use and flexible. Installation is often fast and painless, and the product is aesthetically pleasing on its own and after being applied to equipment. As an added benefit, heat shrink tubing is always a perfect fit and, unlike electrical tape, it will not come off with age or use.

As a Sumitomo distributor, Allied Wire and Cable also carries high-performance products from SUMITUBE, a Sumitomo company, including SUMITUBE K and SUMITUBE K2. These products are utilized in the protection of products that are used under high temperatures and/or exposed to chemicals and oils. They are also used as mechanical protection for metal wire, fixing and protection of cable markers, insulation, and protection of thermistors, resistors, and capacitors.