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General Cable

General Cable

What is General Cable?

It is a company that provides a wide range of wire and cable solutions to a wide range of industries and applications including communications, industrial, and energy. It also support several brands, including Carol Brand, BICC, Anaconda, BrandRex, GenSpeed, Helix/Hi Temp, and NextGen.

Did you know that Allied is an Authorized Distributor of General Cable products?

An Authorized Distributor is a stocking distributor designated by General as one of the approved outlets for their products. AWC can provide you with low, competitive pricing on tons of General wire and cable.

What are some of the products they manufacture?

General Cable provides a wide variety of wire and cable products, including:

  • Central Office Cables
  • Cord and Cordset Products
  • Datacom Cables
  • Electric Utility Cables
  • Electronic Cables
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • Industrial Cables
  • Offshore and Marine Shipboard Cables
  • Telecommunications Cables
  • Transit Cables

Which General Cable products does Allied Wire and Cable stock?

Allied Wire and Cable carries a large selection of General and Carol Brand products, including:

What types of cables are associated with General Cable's different brands?

General's brands cover everything from energy cables and communications cables to specialty cables. With such a broad and diverse product selection, you may not know what to ask for. Here are some of General's brand names and the products they are associated with:

  • Carol Brand Cables - Flexible cords and portable power cables
  • Brand Rex and Anaconda Cables - Specialty cables
  • GenSpeed Cables - High performance data communications cables
  • NextGen Cables - Fiber optic cables
  • BICC Brand Cables - Energy cables, electric utility cables

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