Allied Wire and Cable is a value-added manufacturer and distributor of Thermocouple Wire, including Type J Thermocouple Wire. Type J Thermocouple is widely popular even though it has a shorter temperature range and a less precise lifespan at higher temperatures in comparison to Type K. However, Type J is identical to Type K in terms of budget and dependability. Type J Thermocouple Wire features a negative constantan wire and a positive iron wire. Type J Thermocouples have a wide temperature range, a great voltage output, and are low cost. The main application for Type J Thermocouples is for older equipment that does not work with modern thermocouples. These wires may are also suitable for other laboratory and industrial equipment.

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Type J Thermocouple Wire Temperature Range

  • Thermocouple grade wire: -346°F to +1,400°F (-210°C to 760°C)
  • Extension wire: +32°F to +392°F (0°C to +200°C)

Type J Thermocouple Wire Accuracy:

  • Standard: +/- 2.2C or +/- .75%
  • Special Limits of Error: +/- 1.1C or 0.4%

Type J Thermocouple Wire Applications:

  • Type J is ideal for use in Oxidizing Atmospheres.

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