Allied Wire and Cable stocks a wide variety of Thermocouple Wire, including Type K Thermocouple Wire. Type K Thermocouple is a very popular thermocouple type. It is a general-purpose, inexpensive thermocouple with great temperature precision and a wide temperature range. Type K consists of a positive Chromel wire and a negative Alumel wire. It is the most universal type of thermocouple wire because of its low-cost, accuracy, dependability, and wide temperature range characteristics. Type K Thermocouple Wire is ideal for use in nuclear applications because of its relative radiation stability. Its maximum continuous temperature is around 1,100°C.

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Type K Thermocouple Wire Temperature Range:

  • Thermocouple grade wire: -454°F to +2,300°F (-270°C to +1260°C)
  • Extension wire: +32°F to +392°F (0°C to +200°C)

Type K Thermocouple Wire Accuracy:

  • Standard: +/- 2.2C or +/- .75%
  • Special Limits of Error: +/- 1.1C or 0.4%

Type K Thermocouple Wire Applications:

  • Type K is ideal for use in Oxidizing Atmospheres.

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