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Alpha Xtra-Guard 4 Foil Shielded, Multi-Conductor Cable

Xtra-Guard 4 Foil Shielded, Multi-Conductor Cable is manufactured using only the best materials. Allied Wire offers Xtra-Guard 4 Cable at unbeatable prices and at the highest quality. Alpha's Xtra-Guard 4 is suitable for use in Class 1, Division 2 Locations under the applicable sections of the National Electric Code. If you are searching for cable meeting UL standards, Xtra-Guard 4 Cable is offered in UL PLTC, TC, and WTTC styles. 

Xtra-Guard 4 Foil Shielded, Multi-Conductor Cable can be used in applications such as wood, paper, pulp, and plant operations. Foil-Shielded Xtra-Guard 4 features an aluminum/polyester foil shield, with 25% overlap and the foil facing inward. Alpha constructs these products with TPE insulation and jacket offering three times the low-temperature flexibility of conventional PVC. These cables are rated for up to 300 and 600 volts and temperatures between -50°C and +125°C.

Be sure to click the links above to see the full product specifications. Have any questions about Xtra-Guard 4 Cable? Call us today!