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Belden Coaxial Cable – Computer and Instrumentation Cable

Belden Coaxial Cable is part of Allied’s extensive inventory of coax. These Belden cables are specifically designed for computer and instrumentation applications.

Ethernet cables, including Thinnet cable and Thicknet cable are available in plenum and non-plenum versions. They are 50 ohm cables. Thinnet Cable is 10Base2 cable and is a good choice for installations requiring twists and turns, as it is thinner and easier to handle than Thicknet. Thicknet cable is 10Base5 and is usually chosen as Ethernet backbone cable. It allows for greater transmission lengths and better noise rejection than Thinnet. It is generally used for special-purpose applications.

Belden's line of computer coax also includes 75 ohm cable and 93 ohm cableM. These cables meet various specifications such as RG187AU, RG59U, RG6U, RG11U, MIL-C-17D, RG62BU, RG62U, and RG62AU. Various constructions and materials are used to meet these specifications, so be sure to take a close look at product specifications by navigating through the links listed above.

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