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Belden Unshielded Multi-Conductor Cables

Allied distributes all varieties of Belden Multi-Conductor cables, including unshielded cables. These cables are available in a wide range of materials and constructions to meet the needs of diverse applications in multiple industries. Belden offers a large selection of Multi-Conductor Cables, including Antenna Rotor Control Cable, Duplex Primary Wire, Power and Control Cables and Security and Alarm Cable.

Belden unshielded multi-conductor cables meet many industry approvals, including a range of UL AWM Styles. They also follow different NEC specifications. Ratings vary, but cables are available in 60°C 300V, 80°C 150V, 80°C 300V, and 90°C constructions with different materials and configurations. These multi-conductor cables are offered with bare copper conductors or tinned copper conductors.