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Belden Plenum Cable with Overall Beldfoil Shield (Audio, Control, Instrumentation Cable)

Part Number AWG SizeNo. of Cond.Conductor StrandingNom. Insul. Thick. (in)Jacket ThickNom. O.D. of Cable (in)Approx LBS/MFTNom. Cap. (C-C)Nom. Cap. (C-SC)
88770 18 3 19/30 0.007 0.014 0.155 28 54 96
89418 18 4 19/30 0.007 0.014 0.173 35 30 57
82418 18 4 19/30 0.007 0.015 0.172 33 30 63
Belden Shielded Plenum Cable (Overall Beldfoil Shield)
Audio, Control, and Instrumentation Cable
Belden 88770, Belden 89418, Belden 82418

Belden Plenum Cable Ratings and Approvals:

  • UL NEC Type CMP
  • C(UL) CEC Type CMP
  • Flame Tests: UL NFPA 262, CSA FT6
  • Voltage: 300V RMS

Belden Plenum Cable Construction:

  • Conductor: Stranded Tinned Copper, Cabled
  • Insulation: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
  • Jacket: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) or Flamarrest® Low Smoke Polyvinylchloride (LS PVC) (see parts for more info)
  • Shield: Beldfoil® Aluminum/Polyester Foil with Shorting Fold (100% Coverage)
  • Drain Wire: 20 AWG (19/32) Stranded Tinned Copper Drain Wire

Belden Plenum Cable Applications:

  • Belden's Shielded Plenum Cable is available with two different jacket materials: FEP or Flamarrest. The FEP jacketed version of this cable is suitable for outdoor and direct burial applications, while Belden plenum cable with Flamarrest is approved for outdoor applications.