Allied's selection of Belden plenum-rated multi-conductor cables includes unshielded plenum cable, Beldfoil shielded cable, and overall foil and braid shielded plenum cable versions of audio, control, and instrumentation cables. These cables have approval for use in plenum spaces. Plenum Spaces are typically above dropped ceilings and below raised floors or are other semi-enclosed spaces used for air circulation. Because these areas have greater potential to spread fire, plenum-rated cables must pass stricter fire safety requirements than most other cables.

These plenum cables are rated Type CMP by the National Electrical Code (NEC). They all have 300V voltage ratings and share similar constructions. They all feature tinned copper conductors, FEP insulation, and either an FEP or Flamarrest jacket. The main difference lies in the shielding. These cables are either unshielded, Beldfoil shielded, or shielded with a combination of Beldfoil and tinned copper braiding.

Allied Wire and Cable's inventory of Belden plenum-rated cable includes cable solutions for a wide range of plenum applications. The unshielded plenum cables with FEP jackets are non-conduit. They have approval for direct burial and outdoor applications in addition to traditional plenum applications. For more information on individual products, their specifications, and appropriate applications, please click on the links above.

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