The Tyco Raychem SPEC 44 was originally designed for military and aerospace applications that demanded complex circuitry and high-density cabling. Today, SPEC 44 is widely used in commercial and military electronics, helicopters, satellites, ships, trains, aircraft, avionics, and offshore platforms (where environmental conditions demand consistent reliable performance).


SPEC 44 features a dual-wall construction. It blends the excellent mechanical and chemical properties of radiated cross-linked PVDF with the outstanding physical and electrical characteristics of radiated cross-linked PE. This cable also features copper conductors (tin, silver, nickel, or aluminum coated) beneath the PE insulation and PVDF jacket.

This high-performance cable has many benefits. These include being lightweight and small in size, resistant to electrical arc tracking and most chemicals, low smoke, low corrosive gas generation, and voltage ratings of 2500, 1000, or 600. A modern, dimensional replacement for glass/PVC/nylon braid type wire and cables can be offered in airframe constructions for SPEC 44. This wire SPEC 44 crosses directly with the MIL-W-M81044.