$196.99 / 1000 FT
  • Amps: 16
  • Approx LBS/MFT: 9.00
  • AWG Size: 18
  • Cond. Material: Tinned Copper
  • Construction: 24-3-36
  • Mil-Spec: AA59569A
  • Nom. Circular Area (Mils): 1800
  • Nom. Flat Width (in): 1/8
  • Nom. Thick. (in): 0.020

AA59569F36T0078 Flat Braided 18 Gauge Wire - Mil-Spec AA59569

Our AA59569F36T0078 flat braid is part of our Mil-Spec Wire and Cable line. AA59569F36T0078 is a 18 gauge wire with a tinned copper conductor and a 24-3-36 construction. These cables are rated for an amperage of 16 amps. The tinned copper strands in this wire are tightly woven and rolled flat at the time of manufacture and are generally used in battery grounding, bonding straps (in aircraft, watercraft, rail, and vehicles), and as mechanical connections on moving parts.