M22759/11 and AS22759/11 Hook-Up Wire

Our M22759/11 wire is a highly durable Mil-Spec wire suitable for use in aircraft and aerospace applications. This wire features silver-plated copper conductors and extruded PTFE insulation. M22759/11 wire has a green or white print on the insulation for identification purposes. It also has a maximum temperature of +200°C and a voltage rating of 600V. While this cable is labeled after the Mil-W-22759 Military specification, this spec is now governed by the SAE and is officially known as AS22759/11.

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  • M22759/11-12
    $0.00 / 1000 FT
    • Approx LBS/MFT: 23.00
    • AWG Size: 12
    • Cond. Material: Silver-Coated Copper
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  • M22759/11-10
    $0.00 / 1000 FT
    • Approx LBS/MFT: 35.00
    • AWG Size: 10
    • Cond. Material: Silver-Coated Copper
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  • M22759/11-8
    $0.00 / 1000 FT
    • Approx LBS/MFT: 66.00
    • AWG Size: 8
    • Cond. Material: Silver-Coated Copper
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This Mil-Spec Aerospace Cable is self-extinguishing and will not solder. M22759/11 is ideal for applications where reliability and high temperatures are a concern. The PTFE insulation has strong resistance to smoke emissions, vibration, and cut-through. It also offers abrasion resistance, thermal stability, and overload stability. M22759/11 cable is lightweight due to its thin wall. Allied Wire and Cable offers a variety of AS22759 cables, including standard wall and heavy wall versions. View our full catalog here or contact us with any concerns!

M22759/11 Mil-Spec Wire Specifications

M22759/11 Construction:

Conductor Silver Plated Copper
Insulation PTFE non-stick coating with .010 nominal wall thickness

M22759/11 Ratings and Approvals:

Voltage Rating 600 volts
Temperature Rating -55°C — +200°C
SAE AS22759/11

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