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  • Approx LBS/MFT: 6
  • AWG Size: 20
  • Cond. Material: Silver-Plated Copper
  • Conductor Stranding: 19/32
  • Max. Temp: 200C
  • Mil-Spec: M16878/5
  • No. of Strands: 19
  • Nom. Insul. Thick. (in): 0.015
  • Strand Size: 32
  • UL Style: 1180
  • Voltage: 300V

1180-20-19 — 20 Gauge PTFE UL 1180 Hook-Up Wire

Discover the exceptional quality and reliability of 1180-20-19 wire, your ultimate solution for UL 1180 compliant wiring needs. Crafted with precision, our wire features a robust construction designed to meet the most demanding requirements. With a 20 AWG size and a silver-plated copper conductor comprising 19 strands of 32 each, our wire ensures optimal conductivity and performance in various applications. Wrapped in extruded PTFE insulation with a nominal thickness of 0.015 inches, it offers superior protection against extreme temperatures, capable of withstanding up to 200°C effortlessly.

Compliant with stringent Mil-Spec M16878/5 standards, our wire exemplifies excellence and consistency, making it suitable for a wide range of applications across industries. Whether utilized in aerospace, automotive, or industrial machinery settings, its versatility and resilience make it an ideal choice for critical electrical systems. Elevate your projects with the assurance of quality and reliability provided by 1180-20-19 wire solutions. Trust in its durability and performance to power your innovations with confidence.