$0.00 / 1000 FT
  • AWG Size: 18
  • Cond. Material: Tinned Copper
  • Conductor Stranding: 19/30
  • Insul. Material: Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
  • Jacket Material: Polyamide
  • Max O.D. (in): 0.052
  • Max. Temp: 105C
  • Mil-Spec: M16878/18
  • Min O.D. (in): 0.046
  • Min. Temp: -65C
  • No. of Strands: 19
  • Nom. Dia. of Cond.: 0.048
  • Nom. Insul. Thick. (in): 0.017
  • Nom. O.D. (in): 0.09, 0.0900
  • Strand Size: 30
  • Voltage: 1000

CN18-19 — 18 Gauge M16878/18 Type C/N Hook-Up Wire

Our CN18-19 wire solution is your ultimate destination for M16878/18 - Type C/N specifications. Crafted with precision, our wire offers a robust construction engineered to meet your most demanding needs. Featuring an 18 AWG size and a tinned copper conductor comprising 19 strands of 30 each, our wire ensures optimal conductivity and performance in various applications. With Polyvinylchloride (PVC) insulation and a Polyamide jacket, it provides superior protection against environmental factors and wear.

Compliant with stringent Mil-Spec M16878/18 standards, our wire exemplifies excellence and reliability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications across industries. Whether utilized in automotive, aerospace, or industrial machinery settings, its versatility and durability make it an ideal choice for critical electrical systems. Trust CN18-19 to deliver reliable performance and longevity for your projects. Elevate your wiring solutions with the assurance of quality provided by CN18-19 wire solutions.