$24.99 /
  • Approx LBS/MFT: 100.00
  • Connector Type: Straight Plug
  • Contact Attach (Inner): Spring Finger
  • Contact Attach (Outer): Crimp
  • Coupling Nut: Hex/Knurl
  • Finish of Body: Alballoy
  • Finish of Pin: Gold
  • Interface: TNC Male
  • Length (in): 2.3
  • VSWR Freq. (GHz): 1 <1.25:1 (6)
  • Weight per piece (lbs): 0.100
  • Width (in): 0.75

EZ-600-TM-X-LMR 600 Connectors

EZ-600-TM-X connector is part of our Connectors and Termination line for Coaxial Cables. The EZ-600-TM-X has a straight plug connector with a TNC male interface, an alballoy finish on the body, and a gold finish on the pin. The coupling nut is a hex/knurl and the outer contact attach is a crimp.