$237.99 / 1000 FT
  • Approx LBS/MFT: 2.50
  • AWG Size: 26
  • Cond. Material: Silver-Coated Copper
  • Conductor Stranding: 19/38
  • Insul. Material: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • M27500 Component: RC
  • Max O.D. (in): 0.040
  • Max. Temp: 200C
  • Mil-Spec: M22759/11
  • Min O.D. (in): 0.036
  • No. of Cond.: 1
  • No. of Strands: 19
  • SAE Spec: AS22759/11
  • Strand Size: 38

M22759/11-26 Mil-Spec Wire

Allied Wire and Cable's M22759/11-26 cable is part of the vast inventory of our Mil-Spec Wire and Cable line. M22759/11-26 cable is composed of a 19/38 stranded silver-coated copper conductor with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) insulation. M22759/11-26 cable is rated for a voltage of 600 volts, has a maximum temperature of 200°C, and weighs approximately 2.5 lbs/MFT. It is used for high-temperature applications such as aircraft engines, where increased abrasion resistance and high reliability is required.

M22759/11-26 cable possesses excellent resistance to thermal aging, solder iron damage, flame, and moisture. Its PTFE coating also resists solvents, greases, ozone, and most other chemicals. M22759/11-26 cable is easy to install due to its small size and anti-slippery surface. PTFE has excellent, stable electrical characteristics with low power loss, making it ideal for high-frequency applications. Per the specification, this product will have splices. If continuous lengths are needed, please ask.