$0.00 / 1000 FT
  • Approx LBS/MFT: 73.10
  • AWG Size: 8
  • Cond. Material: Silver-Coated Copper
  • Conductor Stranding: 133/29
  • Insul. Material: Mineral Filled Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • M27500 Component: SA
  • Max O.D. (in): 0.225
  • Max. Temp: 200C
  • Mil-Spec: M22759/7
  • Min O.D. (in): 0.215
  • Min. Temp: -55C
  • No. of Cond.: 1
  • No. of Strands: 133
  • Nom. Dia. of Cond.: 0.162
  • SAE Spec: AS22759/7
  • Strand Size: 29
  • Voltage: 600

M22759/7-8 — 8 Gauge M22759/7 Mil-Spec Wire

The M22759/7-8 is a high-quality electrical cable designed to meet the demands of challenging environments, particularly in aerospace and industrial applications. With an 8 AWG size, it offers a substantial capacity for carrying current, making it well-suited for applications that require the transmission of high power. The conductor is constructed from silver-coated copper, ensuring excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, crucial for maintaining consistent and reliable electrical performance in demanding conditions. The cable's conductor stranding consists of 133 strands of 29 AWG wire, combining strength and flexibility, simplifying installation. It features insulation made of Mineral Filled Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), known for its exceptional electrical and thermal properties, making it suitable for use in environments with extreme temperature fluctuations. The M22759/7-8 is built to withstand harsh conditions, with a temperature range spanning from -55°C to 200°C. It complies with Mil-Spec M22759/7 and SAE Spec AS22759/7 standards, ensuring top-quality and reliable performance in environments where durability and consistent electrical performance are paramount.