$82.14 / 500 FT
  • Expanded I.D. (in): 0.125
  • Max. Temp: 135C
  • Max. Tensile Strength: 1500 psi
  • Mil-Spec: M23053/5
  • Min. Temp: -55C
  • Nom. Rec. Wall Thick. (in): 0.017
  • Recovered I.D. (in): 0.062
  • Shrink Ratio: 2:1
  • Shrink Temp: 90C
  • Size (in): 1/8
  • Specific Gravity: 1.35
  • Volume Resistivity: 10^14 ohm-cm

M23053/5-104 — QPL Heat Shrink Tubing

Our M23053/5-104 is your trusted Mil-Spec heat-shrink tubing solution built for excellence. With an Expanded I.D. of 0.125 inches and a robust Max. Tensile Strength of 1500 psi, this tubing ensures dependable performance in various applications. After heat shrinkage, the Recovered I.D. measures 0.062 inches, thanks to the efficient 2:1 shrink ratio that simplifies installation. Featuring a Specific Gravity of 1.35 and an impressive Volume Resistivity of 10^14 ohm-cm, M23053/5-104 offers superior electrical insulation and protection. Rely on its precision and reliability for your critical projects today.