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  • Approx LBS/MFT: 83.00
  • Connector Type: Right Angle
  • Contact Attach (Inner): Solder
  • Contact Attach (Outer): Crimp
  • Coupling Nut: Hex/Knurl
  • Finish of Body: Alballoy
  • Finish of Pin: Gold
  • Interface: N Male
  • Length (in): 1.3
  • VSWR Freq. (GHz): <1.35:1 (6) H
  • Weight per piece (lbs): 0.083
  • Width (in): 1.19

TC-195-NMH-RA-D LMR 195 Connectors for Coaxial Cable

Our TC-195-NMH-RA-D is part of our Connectors and Termination line for Coax Cables. TC-195-NMH-RA-D has a Right Angle connector and an N Male interface. The finish on the pin is Gold while the finish of the body is Alballoy manufactured by Times Microwave. Attachment of the inner contact is done by Solder while the outer contact is a Crimp attachment with a Hex/Knurl coupling nut. Each piece weighs approximately 0.083 lbs and is 1.3 in. long by 1.19 in. wide.