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Polyethylene Split Loom

More Split Loom & Loom Tee Connectors Options

Part Number Size (in)Nom. I.D. (in)Nom. O.D. (in)
Splitloom-PE-1/4 1/4 0.250 0.4000
Splitloom-PE-3/8 3/8 0.350 0.5100
Splitloom-PE-7/16 7/16 0.415 0.5800
Splitloom-PE-1/2 1/2 0.500 0.6950
Splitloom-PE-5/8 5/8 0.615 0.8200
Splitloom-PE-3/4 3/4 0.740 0.9800
Splitloom-PE-7/8 7/8 0.855 1.1300
Splitloom-PE-1 1 1.000 1.2700
Splitloom-PE-1-1/8 1 1/8 1.110 1.3500
Splitloom-PE-1-1/4 1 1/4 1.220 1.4600
Splitloom-PE-1-1/2 1 1/2 1.560 1.8800

Polyethylene Split Loom
Automotive Split Loom
RoHS Heat Shrink Tubing RoHS Available

Polyethylene Split Loom Description:

  • Split Wire Loom Tubing allows for fast, easy installations while also protecting the harness and cable assemblies. This split loom is slit full length so that it slides easily over the completed wire assembly, and it closes after installation to protect the wire bundle. With the automotive split loom, the wires can break out at any point along the cable length for custom installation.

Polyethylene Split Loom Properties:

  • Operating Temperature: -40ºC to +93ºC
  • Specific Gravity: .937 (min.)
  • Tensile strength: 13.5 (min.)
  • Specifications: 450% (min.)

Polyethylene Split Loom Applications:

  • Wire Split Loom can be used in automotive applications, industrial wire harnesses, marine wire protection, efficient harness assemblies, wire and cable environment protection, easy breakouts for custom installations, and for abrasion protection.

Automotive Split Loom Features:

  • Lightweight and resistant to abrasion, gasoline, oil and other chemicals