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Automotive Battery Wire & Battery Cable

Automotive Wire & Battery Cable

Battery Cable and Automotive Wiring

If you are looking for Automotive Wiring and Battery Cable, check out Allied’s extensive inventory. We have a wide variety of automotive wire, battery wire cable, brake cable, trailer cable and car speaker wire to meet all of your specific needs.

Allied is a proud to supply top NASCAR teams, Harness Houses and OEM manufacturers with automotive primary wire and automotive battery cable. Ignition lead sets, booster cables, TWP wire and battery starter cables are just some of the specific wire and cable that Allied offers for your auto wiring applications.

Watch the video below for more information and an overview of automotive wire and battery cable. Learn about options and get tips for choosing the right option for your specific application. Make sure to also check out our "All About Battery Cable" video to learn about SGT, SGX and STX auto battery cable.

Automotive Primary Wire

Automotive wire can be used in a wide variety of applications such as general circuit wiring. Our auto primary wire meets SAE J-1128, Ford and Chrysler specifications. Some specific automotive wiring Allied offers are SXL, TXL and GXL. These options are available in a wide variety of solid colors with the option of a tracer stripe. We also offer custom printing and/or numbering.

Automotive Battery Cable

In addition to automotive primary wire, Allied offers multiple auto battery cable options. Some of these are SGT and STX/SGX wire to name a few. Our battery cable is approved for use as auto wiring for starter or battery ground circuits and meets SAE J-1127 specifications.

Buy Automotive Wire and Battery Cable Online

Great news for Allied customers! Many of our automotive primary wire and auto battery wire is available for purchase online. Just find the “Buy Now” image at the top of a product page. The examples listed above, SXL, TXL, GXL, SGT, STX/SGX, are just a sampling of the vast inventory of automotive wire and battery cable that you can order online. To purchase automotive primary wire or automotive battery wire and cable, click the part number, enter the quantity you wish to purchase and then finish by clicking “Add to Cart”. If you do not see the option to buy online, you can submit an RFQ for pricing and buying inquiries.


Value Added Services

Allied offers a wide range of value-added services that allows you to customize your automotive wire and cable. In addition to a range of colors, striping/tracer options and custom printing, we also offer cut and strip, twisting, special packaging, and dyeing. This allows you to make and order your wire and cable just the way you need it.

Still have questions about Automotive Wire and Battery Cable? Visit our Automotive Wire FAQ.