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High Voltage Coaxial Cable

High Voltage Coaxial Cable is manufactured by Rowe Industries and supplied by Allied Wire and Cable. It is available in a variety of materials and configurations to meet the needs of a wide range of high voltage applications. These cables are commonly used in accelerators, lasers, instrumentation, radar, X-rays, ECN systems, macro cell sites and more.

Rowe Industries' High Voltage Cables come in a range of constructions and voltages. From 15 KVDC R5743-1 Cable all the way to 50 KVDC R1006-1 Cable, we have the high voltage cable you need. Both our 15KVDC R5743-1 and 50 KVDC R1006-1 cables feature silver coated copper conductors and tinned coated copper braid shields, but the rest of their construction and materials are different. 20 KVDC R5234-1 Cable and 30 KVDC 2R1032-4 Coax have tin coated copper conductors and tin coated copper braids, but the 20 KVDC R5234-1 cable has teflon insulation and jacketing while the 30 KVDC 2R1032-4 Cable has silicone insulation and a protective fiberglass braid. Some of these high voltage coaxial cables have relatively complex constructions, so take a look at spec sheets for more information. Almost all of our high voltage coaxial cables from Rowe Industries are corona free.

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