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PTFE Hook Up Wire - M16878/4 (E), M16878/5 (EE), and M16878/6 (ET)

PTFE Hook Up Wire - M16878/4 (E), M16878/5 (EE), and M16878/6 (ET)

NEMA HP3 Type E, Type EE, and Type ET

PTFE coated hook up and lead wire is designed to operate in extreme conditions. Allied Wire and Cable stocks Non-stick PTFE Coated Hook-Up Wire, such as NEMA HP3 MIL-W-16878/4, MIL-W-16878/5, and MIL-W-16878/6, that can withstand high temperatures, high frequency and other hindrances. These styles of PTFE wire exhibit lasting endurance even in the toughest conditions.

MIL-W-16878E has applications that include military harnessing, power supply lead wire, appliance wiring, and medical electronics. MIL-W-16878EE may be applied for electronic use in protected applications where high temperatures are encountered. MIL-W-16878EE lead wire is a highly reliable OEM product. Due to its exceptional physical and electrical properties, this PTFE wire is used in the aerospace, industrial, military, and other commercial markets.

PTFE insulation for hook up and lead wire has many advantages. In addition to its reliability, the insulation exhibits exceptional resistance to ultra-violet radiation, stress, chemicals, and mold growth. It is even non-toxic and biocompatible. PTFE coated wire is suitable for a wide frequency range and has a superb flex-life. The insulation on the lead wire also allows for savings in both space and weight, as compared to other insulation types used with hook up and lead wire. PTFE wire is even easy to install.

Please see our NEMA HP3 Nomenclature FAQs for more information on Type E, Type ET, and Type EE Hook Up wire.