NEMA HP3 Nomenclature

NEMA HP3, a recognized standard for electrical wiring, specifically addresses the requirements for PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) insulated hookup wire. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has meticulously defined the HP3 standard to ensure the reliability and performance of PTFE hook-up wire and similar wires in various applications. This specification encompasses key characteristics such as temperature resistance, voltage ratings, and insulation materials. Understanding the nomenclature of the NEMA HP3 standard is crucial for selecting the right type of wire for the right electrical application or project. In the following tables, we delve into the essential aspects of the NEMA HP3 standard, providing a comprehensive guide to its naming conventions and highlighting key information to aid in informed decision-making. If you have any other questions about the NEMA HP3 standard, please don't hesitate to contact us; one of our Wire Specialists would be happy to help.

NEMA HP3 - Standard for PTFE Insulated Hook Up Wire

  • Replaces M16878/4, /5, /6
  • For use in internal wiring of electronic equipment and appliances
  • Low coefficient of friction - promotes easy handling
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Suitable for immersion in gasoline, gasoline vapor, and oil (at a maximum of 80 C)
  • Weathering, ozone and corrosive environments do not affect FEP insulation


Type Description
Type E Type E is intended for applications with high temperatures and is suitable for use at a maximum of 600 volts RMS and/or frequency circuitry.
Type EE Type EE is intended for high-temperature applications and is suitable for use at a maximum of 1000 volts RMS and/or high frequency circuitry.
Type ET Type ET is intended for use in low-voltage, high-temperature applications. It is uitable for use at a maximum of 250 volts RMS and/or high frequency circuitry. Wires having ET thin wall insulation are relatively fragile and can be damaged. Using them where mechanical stress or an abrasive environment may exist is not recommended.

AWG Nominal Conductor Size

Code Size Code Size
A 32 K 14
B 30 M 10
C 28 N 8
D 26 P 6
E 24 R 4
F 22 S 2
G 20 T 1
H 18 U 1/0
J 16 W 2/0
K 14 Y 3/0
L 12 Z 4/0

Typical Part Number



Code Type
W Wrapped
X Extruded

Conductor Material

Code Type
B Silver Plated Copper(SCC)
C Nickel Plated Copper (NPC)
D Silver Plated High-Strength Copper Alloy (SCA)
E Nickel Plated High-Strength Copper Alloy (NCA)
F Silver Plated Copper Clad Steel (SCCCS)
G Nickel Plated Copper Clad Steel (NCCCS)


Code Value
A 1
B 7
E 19
G 37
L 133
P 665
R 817
S 1045
T 1330
V 1672
W 2109

Color Code

Code Color
0 Black
1 Brown
2 Red
3 Orange
4 Yellow
5 Green
6 Blue
7 Violet
8 Gray
9 White