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SOOW Cable, SOOW Cord (600 V)

SOOW Cable, SOOW Cord (600 V)

SOOW Cable

SOOW Cable and SOOW Cord are part of AWC's line of Portable Cord. SOOW cable is a portable control cable that is designed for heavy-duty industrial use. Applications include wiring remote control circuits for push-button stations, fire alarm controls, temperature control systems, and motor leads.

The letters in "SOOW" stand for cable properties. The ‘S’ in SOOW cable means “Service.” For portable cords that begin with an S but are NOT followed by a J, the voltage rating is 600 volts. The ‘OO’ means the cable has oil resistant insulation and jacketing. The ‘W’ means the cable is weather and water resistant. Overall, SOOW cable resists oil, solvents, water, ozone, aging, and abrasion. It is also flame retardant, flexible, and durable.

Our selection of 2 AWG to 18 AWG SOOW cable is constructed to comply with UL 62. SOOW cord features bare annealed copper conductors, EPDM insulation, thermoset CPE jackets, and paper tape separators to facilitate stripping.

We also offer SOOW wire with tinned copper conductors. This SOOW cord features 18-10 AWG fully annealed stranded tinned copper conductors, EPDM insulation, and Super Vu-Tron® Supreme jacketing. This type of SOOW cable has a temperature rating of -50°C to 105°C. It also has great flexibility and flex life. SOOW with tinned copper conductors is recommended for machine and power tools, cranes, dockside power applications, where water immersion is required, and more.

SOOW Cord is available from 2 AWG SOOW cable to 18 AWG SOOW cable. All gauges of SOOW cord are rated -40°C to 90°C, and are MSHA listed and OSHA acceptable. All our SOOW cord is UL and CSA listed as SOOW wire. Watch our Spotlight On: SOOW Cable video for a great overview of SOOW cord's attributes, ratings, and usage.