What Is Exane Cable?

Exane® cable manufactured by RSCC Wire and Cable is a tough, flexible and flame-retardant cable with cross-linked polyolefin (XLPO) cable insulation. This material has excellent temperature resistance properties with an operating temperature range of between -55°Celsius and 125°C, depending on the type of cable. Exane cables meet the requirements of the Transit Authority’s specification AAR-S-501 and the Association of American Railroads AAR RP-585 wiring and cable specifications. These cables also meet the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 130 covering Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems, which stipulates those cables meet the requirements of UL 1685 flame spread and smoke generation tests.

Exane Cable Insulation

RSCC Wire makes its XLPO insulation from a specific polyolefin registered under the brand name Exane. As manufactured, the material is a thermoplastic, but once cross-linked, it becomes a thermoset material that doesn’t shrink or soften when heated. The most important advantage aside from its physical properties is that polyolefin does not contain any halogens such as chlorine and fluorine so it does not emit toxic gasses when exposed to fire. Exane’s XLPO cable is flexible, resists low-temperature cracking and has good cut-through and abrasion resistance properties. The cables have excellent oil, fuel and moisture resistance, and you can use them in conduits, underground ducts, cable trays and in the ground.

Types of Exane Cable

Allied Wire and Cable stocks several Exane cables that cover a broad range of transportation requirements. These include:

Multiconductor Cable

Exane multiconductor cable uses stranded tinned copper conductors with Exane’s XLPO insulation covered by a neoprene rubber jacket. It’s available in sizes from 16 American Wire Gauge up to 10 AWG and with up to 20 conductors. The cable can withstand temperatures to 100°C, and it’s rated for 600 volts.

Heavy-Duty Single Conductor Cable

Single conductor cables include Exane Locomotive Cable and Exane-1068A. Both have robust Exane XLPO insulation and stranded tinned copper conductors. Sizes go from 10 AWG up to 1111 MCM. Exane Locomotive cable meets the requirements for DLO locomotive cables, while Exane-1068A meets the National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements for XHHW wire. Voltage ratings for these cables include 600 volts and 2,000 volts.

Reduced Diameter Exane 15 Wire

Single and multicore reduced diameter Exane wire uses Exane 15 as the primary insulation, covered by an Exane XLPO jacket. This combination reduces the outside diameter by a third compared to standard multiconductor cable, making this cable an ideal choice for installation in confined spaces.

Exane Zero Halogen Cable

Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) Exane ZH-1105A multiconductor cable uses Exane XLPO for wire insulation and also for the jacket. Because Exane XLPO contains no halogens, you can use this cable in situations where you need good flame resistance, low smoke, minimal gassing and no toxic smoke.

Exane Cable Properties

  • Conductors: Multi-stranded annealed tinned copper
  • Insulation: Exane XLPO or Exane 15
  • Jacket: Exane XLPO or neoprene depending on cable type
  • Minimum temperature range: Between -55 C and -45 C, depending on cable type
  • Maximum temperature range: From 110 C to 125 C, depending on cable type
  • Voltage rating: 600 volts standard, 2,000 volts optional for locomotive and Exane-1068A single conductor cable
  • Flexibility: Excellent
  • Flame retardant properties: Excellent
  • Fuel, oil and hydrocarbon resistance: Good
  • Ultraviolet resistance: Good
  • Moisture resistance: Very good

Exane Cable Certifications

Flame retardant properties vary slightly across the range, but most types of Exane transit cables comply with the following flame test standards:

  • UL VW-1 vertical flame test
  • IEEE-383, 1974 vertical flame test
  • UL 1685 vertical chamber flame retardant test

Other compliance includes:

  • 49 CFR Part 238 – Flame and smoke safety standard for passenger equipment
  • BSS 7239 transit smoke toxicity standard
  • AAR S-501
  • AAR RP-585
  • Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) compliant
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)-compliant

AWC is an approved Exane cable distributor. Contact us for further information regarding the specifications and standards compliance for specific types of RSCC wire for the transportation industry.