Frequently Asked Questions: Marmon/RSCC Aerospace and Defense

RSCC Aerospace and Defense

RSCC Aerospace & Defense

RSCC Aerospace and Defense

MARMON Aerospace & Defense

Who Is Marmon/RSCC Aerospace and Defense?

Marmon/RSCC Aerospace and Defense manufactures high-performance power, instrumentation, control and specialty electronic and electrical cables for the most demanding applications in land, sea, air, and space.

What Products Does Lutron Manufacture?

  • Aerospace Cable
  • Military Ground Cable
  • Shipboard Cable
  • Wire Wrap Cable
  • Thermocouple Wire
  • Exane Cables for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries
    • EXANE DATA: Ruggedized Marine Shipboars (Cat5, Cat6, RG-59, RG-6, Profibus, Fieldbus, ASi Cables
    • Exane MR: Type P Marine Shipboard Cable
    • EXANE PowerFlex: Type P Marine Shipboard Cable
    • EXANE TorqueFlex: Type P Marine Shipboard Cable
    • EXANE VFD: Variable Frequency Drive Marine Shipboard Cable
    • EXANE ZH: Exane 1068A Transit Wire
    • Exane 1168A Reduced Diameter Transit Wire
    • Exane 1069A Locomotive Wire
    • Exane 1093A Locomotive Wire
    • Exane 1105A Low Smoke Zero Halogen Transit Wire
    • Exane Data Cable (includes Cat5, Cat6, MVB/CAN-BUS Cable, RS-485, Cat5e)
    • Exane PC: LSZH Premises Cable
    • Firewall LSZH XHHW-2 Wire
    • VITALink MC 2-Hour Fire Rated Power Cable
  • VITALink Cables for Fire Safety
    • TC/NCC: Jacketed Power and Instrumentation
    • MC/NCC: Metal Clad Power and Instrumentation
    • 1-hour fire-rated cable with LSZH overjacket
    • VITAlink 2000
  • Rock-Tuff Cables for the Industrial/Commercial Industries
    • Rock-Tuff LSZH ZHHW-2 Power & Lighting Cable
    • Rock-Tuff LSZH RHW-2 Power Cable
    • Rock-Flex Flexible Control Cable
    • Rock-Tuff VFD Cable
    • MC 2-hour Fire Rated CT VitaLink Cables

Which Lutron Products Does Allied Wire and Cable Stock?

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