Fire Alarm wire is a specialty wire designed for usage in multiple types of hardwired commercial fire or alarm applications. Examples of these applications include smoke alarms, smoke detectors, fire alarm systems, and multiple fire protective circuits. These cables are also suitable for use in pull boxes, burglar alarms, security systems, and much more. usually, a use case for this type of cable would be a smoke detector sending a signal to a fire alarm control unit which could turn on a fire suppression system or alert the fire department. The wire in a fire alarm system is a crucial part of the fire suppression systems ability to activate correctly. When selecting fire alarm wire for your application consider how long of a run you need, shielding from interference and if you need plenum rated wire. If you are not sure what type of wire or cable fits your needs, please call one of our specially trained sales associates to make sure you get the right product. 

Fire Alarm systems have expanded from simple, unsophisticated electromechanical devices to one relying upon the most modern technologies of microprocessor and chip technology. More and more end-users are relying upon these emerging systems to protect both property and life. However, these systems are only as good as their weakest component.

All of our fire alarm cables meet NEC and UL guidelines, ensuring that our wire will meet any requirement you may need. We carry FPL, FPLP, and FPLR cables that come in plenum, non-plenum, and riser varieties. Additionally, these cables have extreme fire resistance due to their flame-retardant PVC jackets and rigorous spark and flame resistance. We stock both shielded and unshielded fire alarm cables.