Alpha EcoFlex PUR cable is classified as a rugged continuous flex cable rated to 600 V (UL). This flexible cable features finely stranded tinned copper conductors (EN60228 Conductors, Class 6 - very flexible), modified polyphenylene ether (mPPE) insulation and unshielded or braided shielding. The distinguishing factor of the EcoFlex PUR cable is it’s jacketing. The Alpha EcoFlex PUR cable jacket provides resistance to oil, UV and abrasion with a resilient, zero halogen polyurethane design in slate.

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EcoFlex PUR cable offers eight million flex cycles, is flexible at low temperatures and is 44% lighter and 40% smaller than other 600 V continuous flex cables. This eco-friendly cable also includes two temperature versions, one for dynamic applications rated from -40°C to 80°C and one for static applications rated from -50°C to 90°C.

EcoFlex PUR 600V Cable is RoHS, REACH and CSA AWM I/II A/B FT2 compliant. It also passes EN60332-1 Flame Behavior, EN60332-2 Flame Behavior and EN60754-2 Acid Gas Generation testing. A few more approvals include: EU Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, UL Sunlight Resistant and UL Oil Res I resistant.