Xtra-Guard 1 Cable is available from Allied Wire and Cable. Alpha's Xtra-Guard Cable features color-coded, tinned copper conductors and a nylon ripcord for easy jacket stripping. Alpha's Xtra-Guard 1 is insulated and jacketed with Premium-grade PVC for easier cable routing in small spaces. Xtra-Guard 1 Performance Cable is rated for up to +105°C.

Alpha's Xtra-Guard 1 Cable can be used in a wide range of applications. From medical electronics to point-of-sale equipment to computer peripherals, Alpha has the Xtra-Guard Cable you need.

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Allied Wire is a proud distributor of Alpha's Xtra-Guard 1 Cable. Xtra-Guard 1 is manufactured in a variety of constructions. Alpha provides Xtra-Guard 1 Cable that is unshielded, foil shielded, or Supra-Shield foil/braid shielded. You can also purchase either multi-paired or multi-conductor Xtra-Guard Cable. Depending on your voltage requirements, Alpha Xtra-Guard Cable is rated for up to 300 Volts and 600 Volts. If you are concerned about purchasing a safer wire, Xtra-Guard 1 Wire meets UL VW-1, UL 1685, and CSA FT-4 flammability ratings.

Allied Wire makes wire and cable orders easy with personal customer service and high quality products. Call Allied today to find the right Xtra-Guard Cable for your application.