Allied Wire and Cable carries Alpha Xtra-Guard Multi-Conductor Cables in a variety of configurations. Alpha offers their Xtra-Guard Cables unshielded, with a foil shield, or with a double foil/braid shield. All of these cables have a voltage rating of either 300V or 600V and a maximum temperature of +105°C. They also pass the UL VW-1 Flame Tested, are UV resistant, and meet UL 2464, 2343, or 2501 standards.

The Unshielded Xtra-Guard 1 Cable features tinned copper conductors and Premium PVC insulation. It is suitable for use in EIA RS-232 interfaces and high technology applications in controlled environments.

The Foil Shield Xtra-Guard 1 Cable features an aluminum/polyester foil shield with 25% overlap and foil facing inward. It also features color-coded, tinned copper conductors for easier circuit identification and is manufactured for fast, easy stripping of the insulation and jacket.

The Double Shielded Xtra-Guard 1 Cable is constructed of a braided Supra-Shield and an aluminum/polyester/aluminum foil shield with a 25 percent overlap minimum. It features color-coded tinned copper conductors, PVC insulation, and a grey premium-grade PVC jacket for better protection. However, it is available in a range of long-lasting colors for easier identification and safety reasons.