Xtra-Guard 2 Cable is offered in Allied Wire's extensive inventory of Alpha Wire. Xtra-Guard 2 is constructed for a multitude of applications, including CNC machine centers, automotive assembly plant operations, packaging machinery, and geophysical exploration equipment. If you need an Xtra-Guard cable, Alpha has what you need.

Alpha's Xtra-Guard 2 is oil, abrasion, cut-through, and physical damage resistant. It is rated for temperatures up to 90°C and 105°C and voltage ratings of 300 volts and 600 volts. Alpha manufactures these products to ensure superior low-temperature flexibility to -30°C and outstanding ultraviolet light stability in all jacket colors. The standard jacket color is black but Xtra-Guard cables are available in a variety of long-lasting colors.

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Allied Wire and Cable is a proud distributor of Alpha's Xtra-Guard 2 Cable. Alpha provides Xtra-Guard Cable in a variety of configurations, with many different conductor constructions and AWG sizes. In order to provide safer cable options, Alpha manufactures Xtra-Guard 2 that meets UL VW-1 and CSA FT-1 flammability ratings. Instead of ordinary PVC, Xtra-Guard 2 is protected with a specially formulated, rugged polyurethane jacket offering high tear and abrasion resistance. 

With Xtra-Guard 2 Wire, a nylon ripcord is provided for easy jacket stripping. Various shielding options are available, such as unshielded, foil shield, or Supra-Shield foil/braid. Xtra-Guard is conveniently made for fast, easy stripping of insulation and jacket. It features color-coded tinned copper conductors for easier identification. Allied supplies Xtra-Guard 2 in Multi-Paired and Multi-Conductor constructions.

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