Alpha manufactures these products to ensure superior low-temperature flexibility to -30°C and outstanding ultraviolet light stability. They also meet UL VW-1 and CSA FT-1 flammability ratings. These cables feature a specially formulated, rugged polyurethane jacket, and a nylon ripcord is provided for easy jacket stripping.

The Unshielded Multi-Conductor option features tinned copper conductors and Premium PVC insulation. The foil shield option is constructed with an aluminum/polyester/aluminum foil shield that has a 25 percent overlap and the foil facing inward. The double shield option features a Supra-Shield, which is an aluminum/polyester/aluminum foil with a 25 percent overlap minimum, as well as a braided tinned copper shield that provides 70 percent coverage. All constructions meet UL Style 20668 and UL Style 20952.