Xtra-Guard 5 Cable is available from Allied Wire and Cable in a variety of AWG sizes and conductor constructions. With 100% resistance to chemicals, solvents, acids, fuels, and water, Xtra-Guard 5 is the preferred cable for maximum temperature and chemical performance. Alpha manufactures these products with a low-friction FEP jacket for easy routing and color-coded, tinned copper conductors for fast, easy circuit identification. 

Xtra-Guard 5 Maximum Temperature Cable is rated for up to 300 Volts. With an added aramid fiber ripcord, Alpha's Xtra-Guard 5 offers fast, convenient jacket stripping. Allied Wire provides Xtra-Guard with popular shielding options, such as unshielded, foil shield, or Supra-Shield foil/braid. Xtra-Guard 5 Performance Cable is suitable for a wide range of applications, including food and beverage wash-down, cleanroom environments, turbine generators, and military electronics.

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Alpha's Xtra-Guard 5 Cable is rated for temperatures between -80°C and +200°C. If you are looking for Xtra-Guard wire that meets certain specifications, Xtra-Guard 5 is UL and CSA dual-rated. Providing a safer wire option, Xtra-Guard 5 has excellent flame resistance and low smoke generation. It passes NFPA 262-2007, a standard test for flame travel and smoke. While the standard jacket tint is tan (beige), Xtra-Guard 5 cables are offered in a variety of long-lasting colors upon request. Alpha's Xtra-Guard has outstanding ultraviolet light stability in all jacket colors. 

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