Car speaker wire is used for multiple low-voltage applications but is most commonly used as speaker wiring for automotive applications. Car speaker wire is often used to connect loudspeakers and amplifiers to radios, public address systems, subwoofers, and car audio and stereo systems. Car speaker wire is not intended to be used in extreme conditions and is not fit for in-wall use.

Our car speaker wire features premium-grade PVC insulation. It has a maximum temperature of 60°C and may not be used in any applications that exceed this maximum temperature rating. We offer speaker wire in gauge sizes 24 AWG to 12 AWG. Along with the PVC insulation, our car speaker cable features two stranded copper conductors: one bare copper and one tinned copper. However, our SPK20-2-F wire only contains two stranded bare copper conductors. Our speaker wire is available in black, white, brown, gray, and clear. Our speaker wire comes in varying insulation thicknesses.

Additionally, Allied Wire and Cable's speaker cable is UL listed. This car audio wire is also available with RoHS compliance per Directive 200/95/EC. We also offer a wide variety of value-added services for our 12 to 24 gauge speaker wire. From car stereo systems to subwoofers, our car speaker wire is extremely versatile. Have questions about car speaker wire? View our product FAQs or contact us today.