A fusible link is a short piece of low-voltage wire in a vehicle's wiring harness that acts as a fuse. It provides circuit protection in a vehicle's wiring in case of a short circuit or voltage spike. Our Fusible Link wire is rated for 50V and has been specifically manufactured for use in demanding wire harness applications where the standard fuse is unsuitable.

Allied Wire and Cable's fusible link line has a specific construction that ensures safety. In the case of an extreme current overload, the stranded bare copper conductor inside the link will melt and the insulation will contain any sparks or flames that may occur. A fusible link wire is a great way to add inline circuit protection to a vehicle's wiring harness when adding a new circuit that bypasses a vehicle's fuse box.

This type of automotive fuse acts as an inline circuit fuse to protect larger wires from spikes in voltage when a circuit is not run through a traditional fuse box. You can use a fusible link in place of blade fuses when adding an additional circuit to a vehicle as a way to bypass the fuse box. When too much electrical current or a spike in electrical current runs through the fusible link, the internal wire will burn up and "blow" the circuit. Fortunately, this does not cause a fire. However, you will need a replacement fusible link after it has blown, much like a normal blade fuse in a vehicle fuse box.

We offer a wide range of fusible link wire gauge sizes, from 8 AWG to 22 AWG fusible link wire. With its Hypalon® (chlorosulfonated polyethylene ) rubber insulation, these large and small gauge fusible links have a continuous operating temperature of 150°C and meet the specifications set by SAE J-1128 Type HTS. We also provide multiple choices for the color of the insulation, including Orange/Rust, Grey, Blue, Black, or Red.

Allied Wire and Cable offers a wide stock of automotive wires, including battery cable, cross-linked primary wires like SXL wire, brake cable, and more. You can learn more about automotive wire by reading our Product FAQs or viewing the full catalog here.