Digital video cables are designed to provide great signal quality and can follow either a serial or digital format. Allied Wire and Cable carries cable solutions for both.

Belden's Parallel Digital Video Cable features stranded tinned copper conductors, twisted pairs, overall Beldfoil and tinned copper braid shields, chrome PVC jackets, and a tinned copper drain wire. They are available in 28 AWG and 24 AWG versions, with NEC CL2 and NEC CM ratings, respectively.

Belden's Digital Video Time Code Cable has stranded tinned copper conductors, Beldfoil shielding, Datalene insulation, and either a chrome or purple PVC jacket. It also features a stranded tinned copper drain wire. It is a 110-ohm cable, with a 75°C maximum temperature rating. It also meets NEC CMR standards.

Belden's Precision Video Twinax is also available. This cable's 16 AWG construction meets UL AWM Style 2448 specifications. It has a voltage rating of 30V and a temperature rating of 60°C. It has solid bare copper conductors, Duofoil and tinned copper braid shields, and a black PVC jacket.

Be sure to check out Belden RG Cables for broadcast applications, which are in the Belden Coaxial Cable section of our online catalog. If you can't find the cable you're looking for, please contact an Allied sales representative. We will find it for you!