Belden's Analog Video Cables arere part of Allied Wire and Cable's large inventory of Belden Coaxial Cable. It is available in 75-ohm mini coax, RG59U coax, RG6U, RG11U, and composite coax constructions to meet the needs of a variety of video and television applications.

Belden's 75 Ohm Mini Coax Cable is available in UL AWM Style 1375, UL AWM Style 1354, and plenum-rated versions. Most of these 75 Ohm Coax parts have voltage ratings of 30V and a maximum temperature of 60°C.

Many RG options are also available. Belden RG59U coax, RG6U video cables, and RG11U cables are available in standard and plenum-rated versions. They feature a variety of materials and constructions to meet the needs of a range of video applications.

Belden's 18 AWG Composite Cable and Composite Video Cable is a Siamese cable, with a 300V RMS rating. It is NEC Type CMG-LS and CEC Type CMG-LS FT4 for its limited smoke characteristics. This composite coax cable also features an overall black low-smoke zero halogen jacket.