Belden Broadband Coaxial Cable is part of Allied Wire and Cable's extensive stock of coaxial cable. Broadband coax, such as MATV and CATV cables, are suitable for use in various television or radio frequency distribution applications.

CATV stands for "Community Antenna Television," while MATV is short for "Master Antenna Television." These cables are part of the radio frequency distribution systems that allow you to receive television channels. 

Belden's MATV cable features a solid bare copper-covered steel conductor, gas-injected foam polyethylene insulation, a black PVC jacket, foil shielding, and an aluminum braid shield. It has a temperature rating of 80°C and is NEC Type CATV CM and CEC Type CM Cable listed. There are several series of CATV coax, including Series 6, Series 11, and Series 59. These cables are available with an assortment of materials and meet a variety of specifications to fulfill all of your Broadband coax cable needs. Belden CATV Cable is also available in plenum-rated CATV versions.